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Allowed audio file formats are: WAV, AIF, MP3, M4A, or WMA files
up to 5:30 in length.

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Start your instant online mastering now. First, enter your project name and email address where we will send your mastered tracks. On the next page, step 2, you will upload your audio files that you want cdpmastering to master for you. When you have finished uploading all songs for mastering you can continue to step 3 where we do an initial pre-mastering scan to ensure your music meets our requirements for instant mastering. You can also select your choice of two different genres of sound for each track and confirm which songs you want mastered. Then you can proceed to the final step to see a summary of your mastering order and selections prior to starting your instant online mastering service. If you have questions, visit our FAQ page or Contact Us for assistance.

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