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Our Smart Online Mastering System is the result of over 20 years of audio software development. Beginning in 2001 Crazy Daisy Productions began working on an intelligent digital mastering system to combine the experience of audio engineers, musicians, and data from psychoacoustic studies into an automated adaptive audio mastering program that could remap digital audio data points and digital audio waveforms to best produce a preferred mastered sound output. In 2003 Crazy Daisy Mastering started offering online mastering services that utilized this new "smart" mastering system to assist their mastering engineers to provide consistent high quality mastered sound in a fast, efficient manner. That system has been constantly updated based on its own output and evolving trends in the music to produce an ever-improving mastering system still utilized by their engineers to this day.

Prior to 2018, human engineers were always involved in every audio track mastered using the Crazy Daisy Mastering mastering process, combining experienced professional audio engineers along with our proprietary intelligent mastering system to achieve the best of both worlds in sound quality. Beginning in 2018 the CDP Smart Online Mastering System was released to the public, taking the well-established Crazy Daisy Mastering system and including steps allowing a fully automated start-to-finish mastering process that can be utilized completely autonomously through any mobile or desktop web browser. is the website that allows you to upload your own songs and apply this Smart Online Mastering System to your own music any day, any time, to achieve professional quality mastered sound at a fraction of the price of having it mastered at a pro mastering studio.

While we are very happy to offer this system to help everyone get top-notch sound for their audio tracks at an extremely affordable price, we still recommend that when you reach a point when you feel you are ready to produce a truly "pro level release" you should invest the extra money and time required to utilize the special experience and individual artistic abilities of a professional human engineer. There are, and always will be, unique touches that only an experienced pro audio engineer will be able to provide you. This is the nature of all art, and music is no exception. In the meantime, the CDP Mastering Smart Online Mastering System will be there to provide you with an outstanding professional quality mastered sound that is ready for broadcast, distribution, or duplication at an amazingly low price. Give it a try and we know you'll be pleased!

The CDP Mastering Process

Learn about the steps involved in The CDP Mastering Process and how our online audio mastering service works to clarify and balance your songs for optimal playback performance.


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