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Fast Automated Online Audio Mastering

Built by the original pioneers of intelligent mastering systems.
Cutting-edge technology for great sound since 2001!

Intelligent Automated Audio Mastering For Your Music

Master All Your Tracks in just Minutes!

CDP Mastering: Fast Automatic Online Music Track Mastering

Price: $5 USD for a single

$3 for each additional track mastered at the same time

Pro level service for every track. NO Subscription Required!

Mastering includes 3 audio file types for Each Mastered Track:

1) Hi-Res 24 bit WAV file

2) 16 bit WAV file

3) 320 kbps MP3 file

Each song can be mastered in 2 different styles of your choice, no extra charge

Adjustable options that let


CDP Mastering: Smart Automated Online Audio Mastering Service for your Music Tracks.

Our automated mastering engine was originally built in 2001 by Crazy Daisy Productions, the pioneers of intelligent digital mastering systems, to assist professional audio engineers to do their jobs faster and with greater consistency. Now that same mastering engine technology is available in a web based internet version as a fully automated online audio mastering service - CDP Mastering. Consistent high quality sound for your songs mastered in a fast, efficient manner with a variety of adjustable options included. Simply upload your audio files, choose two different genres of sound from our list of options, including any extra adjustments you wish to hear that will dial in the sound that you feel best represent your own music style, and a few minutes later you have all your mastered tracks returned to you through website download links in top quality professional sounding radio ready 24 bit WAV, 16 bit WAV, and 320 kbps MP3 audio file formats for each of the two music styles you selected. We also email the mastered track download links to you so you can easily access the song files from any device. Low price, fast mastering solutions with outstanding results. We even offer a free online mastering sample from your own track so you can preview the results firsthand and hear how our intelligent digital audio processing system can enhance the sound of your mix. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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Professional Quality Sound at an Affordable Price

While our system isn't meant to replace an actual experienced professional audio engineer, it has been designed by professional sound engineers to follow the same mastering process they would use in their studios. The restult is a fast, inexpensive way to achieve high quality sound enhancement for your mix while you wait. We highly recommend that you try our Online Mastering Sample Test option first, so you can hear for yourself how the results will turn out. This also enables you to try out the various sound adjustment options available in our system, including different genre choices and advanced bass and treble fine-tuning adjustments, so that you can determine the best selection of options to perfect your own sound just the way you want.

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